"I was pleased to find a study skills class for my daughter as she is about to enter middle school. Organizational skills are difficult for her, and I wanted to give her a head start in learning essential skills before starting 7th grade. The course materials provided by Carolyn are excellent. I was thrilled when I saw my daughter apply her new organizational skills to her out-of-control bedroom. She wrote a clean-up plan, breaking down the the big job into small steps. It is a "work in progress," and she can refer to her work plan so she can keep making progress toward her goal."


"I also just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me, I never really got a chance to tell you that. I think of you not only as my teacher, but a friend. The best memories I have with you is when we just sat at your desk talking. You didn’t just teach me how to write a good paper, but you taught me much more important things about life. I really do miss the Monday nights we spent together. I know I would drive you crazy a lot of the time, but you stayed with me and helped me grow into the person I am now. I will always be thankful for the time you gave me."

-Jon Leener, Univ. of Wisconsin

"Carolyn is a tutor that not only helps your kid excel in school, but also your kid loves so much she never wants to stop going."


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Moms and dads, are you ready to share some of the load?

There’s no doubt we all want to do the absolute best for our kids, but you can only do so much!

The amount of homework is ever increasing (even from kindergarten), which means ever increasing hours spent poring over your children’s assignments. Instead of relaxing and connecting with your family at the end of a busy day, you’re working overtime to make sure your child stays on track at school.

The problem is compounded if your child has a learning disability, an attention issue (ADD or ADHD), or is otherwise struggling to keep up. With so much conflicting advice from friends, family, teachers and specialists, it may be that you simply do not know what to do next.

The end result? Frustration, stress and anxiety for the entire family. None of which actually helps your child.

I can help

I work one-on-one with children of all ages – elementary, middle and high school – in Warrenton,VA.

Together, we focus on the following core skills:

  • Reading I help your child master decoding which is the key to successful reading and life-long learning.
  • Expression I help your child develop the expressive language abilities  needed to write and speak with confidence – from a single sentence to a sophisticated essay.
  • Organization I help your child improve executive function – the mental processes and capabilities that encompass organizing, time management and focus.
  • Learning I help your child develop a solid math foundation, better comprehension,  increased memory and sharper study skills.

More than a subject tutor

I provide a rich, personalized learning experience.

This is not just about the transfer of facts and figures; my expertise is in empowering your child to be an independent learner. Your child will have the confidence and skills necessary to be a self-starter, to work through problems without assistance, and to ask the right questions when help is needed.

This not only sets your child up for a life of success, it also restores the balance in your relationship. You’ll spend less time lecturing and more time encouraging – the way it should be.

If you’d like this for you and your family, let’s talk. You can call me at (540) 675 1211) or fill out the contact form here to send me a note.